Tim Behrendt Foundation
Tim Behrendt Foundation

The Tim Behrendt Foundation was established to give young people, who are undergoing cancer treatment,
the opportunity to take a short trip away between chemo sessions, or to take a break away from their stay in hospital. The Tim Behrendt Foundation offers sanctuary ina place of outstanding natural beauty, where patients (with or without support) can find some solace in a free and healthy environment. An environment that nurtures wellbeing and encourages a departure from thinking about their illness; all without any obligations.

The Tim Behrendt Foundation has been created to give this opportunity to people who are restricted in some way (usually economically or personally) from taking some breathing space from their illness. They can stay as guests in the beautiful landscape of the North-western area of the Granada province in Spain. This is offered to patients, together with their friends, family or care-givers, with the purpose of giving an uplifting experience to aid their recovery.


Tim Behrendt
16-12-1971 † 29-05-2009


The foundation offers this haven in a small farm house in Southern Spain, near the picturesque town of Montefrío, which lies between Malaga and Granada. The farm house nestles in a valley alongside a ravine, with the land extending over 4 acres. There are natural underground springs feeding the olive and fig trees and a large garden, which grows organic vegetables for the farm. This is a place of rest and provides lots of privacy.



The farm, called ‘El Aguaero’ (an historic place of water), is the perfect location to enjoy nature, rest and a benefit from this healthy environment. The farm is run by the loving care of two people who are closely connected to the foundation, one is a full time care-giver, however both have experience in taking care of terminally ill cancer patients.


El Aguaero


This short stay at El Aguaero. is offered from the TBF to patients who have the strength to travel and if they wish, are able to participate in some excursions or activities. We will do everything we can to make the visit as pleasurable as possible. The patient has all the freedom to fill in the time as he or she wants. We offer a large diversity of possible activities ranging from simply watching movies or TV, listening to music or painting in the stunning landscape of the garden. And for the more active guest we can arrange a trip to the Alhambra or you are welcome to help out on the farm. Anything is possible; as long as there is no harmful impact to the farm, the farm life or the surrounding nature.

In the region surrounding Los Arroyos it is no longer possible to build new houses. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and a great deal of effort is in place to encourage the regeneration of the protected indigenous flora and fauna to the 4 acres of El Aguaero. In addition to the chickens, geese, goats and cats, which form a major part of the farm’s inhabitants there is also a plentitude of local wild-life, which includes the locally protected partridge birds.


The road to El Aguaero


To realise the vision of the farm house there are a number of construction items that are necessary at El Aguaero:


  • Level the private road leading to the farm from the main road with small pebbles.

  • Build a garage for the car(s).

  • Purchase a small agricultural machine to work the land.

  • Renovate the farm roof.

  • Renovate the farm roof chimney.

  • Construct a well equipped kitchen within legal and health regulations.

  • Construct a septic tank for improved sanitation.

  • Renovate and where necessary construct walls surrounding the gardens.

  • Build a fully equipped guest suite, within legal and health regulations, which include all the necessary comforts with separate sleeping rooms, living room and sanitation.


El Aguaero the interior



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